Sweet Deception – written in depression I was in

By: Easter Ellen

Dec 11 2005

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sweet Deception

Fighting something for the first time – this is how I would describe it:

Sweetest deception

The sweet, dark cave is calling me
Luring me to the abyss
Soothing thoughts and dulcet tones
Chaotic reality dismissed

“Shhh sweet child, just drift away
Thy thoughts need not be so
Numb thy mind; take solace here
Sweet nothingness to know.”

Drifting, floating, dark waters call
“Face down and float in my pool;
Soothing, sweet and comforting
My waters, they are cool”.

Nay I hear you; nay I want
That numbness of which you speak
I long to feel that void of thought
My soul and my spirit are weak.

Lord where are You? I desperately call.
Rescue me from this fate
I am spinning fast and spiralling down
Help me before it’s too late

“Precious one I hear you call,
I know your world is black
but I am light in the darkness
and I will help you back”

I give it to you and I lay down my hurt
My every fear in your hand
Take my spirit, my breath, my heart and my hope,
Help me again to stand


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