A Love Note

By: Easter Ellen

Jan 18 2006

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For that last couple of weeks a very young man from Toronto has been talking to me. He made it clear that he was not looking for a relationship other than a friendship with fringe benefits (stick with me here)… and I made it clear that I am not at all interested in anything that is just for sex and not for depth and possibly lead to marriage. He was very polite said thanks for the polite answer blah blah.. and I felt led to say to him that he had a good heart and despite the fact that he only contacted me for physical contact, that I could see kindness and so on. He was touched. So I have talked to him here and there and mention God often. Tonight i was really telling him about how God touches my life and to just consider that when given the circumstances of where I come from, what I have been through and so on that I am still so “nice” not bitter, not depressed, vengeful or full of any hate. I said to consider that this could only be by the hand of God and he agreed. Right then at that very moment (I was sorting through my bills from last year and getting them in order while chatting with him).. I found a very small little envelope tucked in amongst the rest of the mess of papers. It was sealed. I opened it and a child-drawn red heart was on lined paper folded over several times. Across the top was written the words “God loves YOU”. I was (again) just overwhelmed by God’s love. Isn’t He so amazing? Anyhow, this young man had to admit that the timing was really odd and that possibly it was God. I pray that all of the seeds of God’s love for him are planted in good ground and that they are not snatched by the enemy, quickly forgotten or overshadowed by life’s circumstances.


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