2 questions for you

By: Easter Ellen

Jan 29 2006

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Now, I’m going to try something different here and throw you 2 questions… be open minded… even if you don’t answer me it is great food for though and I will tell you my response if you wish to the same questions. (found this on the internet, but it so moved me that I had to share it with you)

You’ve died and gone to heaven where God meets you at the gates. He informs you that the first rule to entering heaven is that you can only bring with you the memory of one day and only one days’ memory of your time on earth. He then snaps his fingers and your whole life flashes before you. At the end of your life story he asks, “of all your earthly experiences which day do you want to remember for all eternity”.
Now, what day would you choose?

Part Two
Same scenario but God decides to give you the opportunity to create the one perfect day (24 hours) of memories. He snaps his fingers again and you are sent back to earth with two weeks to plan and execute your perfect day, and the only day you’ll ever remember. Now, what people, places, experiences and things would you include and what things do you now do that you definitely would not include?
Would you want to remember rain and possibly a thunderstorm, only sunshine or maybe snow? A concert with lots of people, solitude, intimacy? Family? Animals? Would you want time on a beach and if so with who? Would you do something to get the heart pumping to remember a good adrenaline rush?


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