By: Easter Ellen

Jan 29 2006

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I am a girl… so yes… I love them – lol – especially the pink saphire diamonds – they are just beautiful… but anyhow..

I like to say that we could be likened to diamonds that are not too loud and big but are incredibly pretty. When you look at a diamond you just see sparkle and that it is a beautiful in and of itself. But when you truly look deeply at it, studying it and taking it in there are so many facets that make them up. Like a diamond, so are we endowed with our varied facets… some from life experiences, some in our character, some from our pain and some from our joys. Each with its own story to tell, each with its own beauty. but with anyone of those sides missing the beauty of how they all work together to become who we are would be lost. This includes the uglier things that life has presented and they have become a part of what and who we are. So I do not regret, but rather praise God for even all of the harsher moments that we have lived for without them, would we have any depth that quietly shines back its bit of fire for the world to see.


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