About me, Easter Ellen

I like connecting with people.  I am here because I love to write and share who I am and what tickles or scrapes at my emotions and thoughts, where I see beauty and where I hurt with others.  If you see the little things in life as beauty, if you see the golden nuggets of the heart  as treasures and if you can look up and smile at the colour of the sky, sigh at the smell of a rose, lend your ear to the quiet lapping of a stream and song of the birds on a spring day, I would love to share with you.

This is also the place of my self-therapy.  I work through the harder moments of my life through my poetry.  It is in my poems that you will see my most raw moments.  Sometimes it is too raw to be able to write from, but it is necessary.  My poetry is the window to my soul.  It took me decades to realize that I have been battling with depression.  Rather than seeking medication, I write.  I write, I write and I write.  Sometimes it is really hard to come out from within that deep cave that depression can woo me to, but I do.  Bless those that patiently love me and are here for me when I struggle.  It may suck to fall into depression, but it can make for some wicked poetry that I could not write at any other time!  (My silver lining)

I am a mom of four (God help me, three are in their teens!), I work in recruitment as an account manager and I am usually pretty happy with life.  My faith is important to me, but I walk in it fairly quietly.  Oh… Almost forgot the two pups, Jingles and Bella, they bring sunshine on the stormy days.

Welcome and thank you for coming.  Grab a warm tea, coffee or even better a glass of your favourite wine and come share with me.



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